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Bolton Squirrel Removal Shows How Drip Edge Was Badly Needed

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We were recently called out to a home in Bolton to tackle a squirrel removal job and found another great example of how a simple drip edge installation could have avoided big problems, and big squirrel holes. We’ve mentioned the benefits of installing drip edge many times over the years, especially when it comes to keeping out squirrels but it’s usually after the fact (the squirrel problem) that home owners realize it’s tremendous benefits.

What are the benefits of drip edge?

Squirrels and raccoons have it easy when it comes to breaking into an unsecured home, but have one hell of a tough time ripping apart or chewing through drip edge. The drip edge we install is made from extremely strong galvanized steal – steal of which all wildlife simply cannot penetrate no matter how strong their teeth and chewing capabilities are.

When it comes to securing a home from wildlife intrusions, the strength of drip edge is one of the obvious benefits, but there are a few more benefits related and un-related to squirrel prevention, and they are;

drip edge strengthens the roof line/roof board
it reduces roof-rot and deterioration
it acts as a reliable weather guard
reduces chances of water damage
All that strength, protection and reinforcement does great on it’s own to keep your roof line healthy, and maintaining it’s strength also helps keep wildlife at bay. Here’s another example of how drip edge was installed after a squirrel removal job in Oakville which shows you what it looks like and where it is installed along the roof line (watch the video).

See the massive squirrel holes in this Bolton home roof line

In the following video we were in the process of installing drip edge because of a squirrel problem and decided to pull out our cameras to give you an example of the large holes we found along the roof-line. If drip edge was installed years ago, these very large holes would not have happened.

Once drip edge is installed, all forms of wildlife are completely unable to use that area to get into a home. Combine that with full wildlife prevention, and you can rest assured that no animals will be able to break into your home anytime in the future.

Does my new home have drip edge installed to keep out squirrels?

The unfortunate answer to this common question is no; new homes aren’t automatically equipped with drip edge. Drip edge is usually an “after the fact” solution to a number of issues (see list above) unless you’ve specifically asked your builder to install it.

Drip edge installed along roof line for squirrel prevention BoltonThe problem is, that the vast majority of home owners usually don’t even think they’ll have wildlife issues especially when they first move into a new home so prevention is usually an after thought.

If you’ve never really encountered a wildlife issue in the past our experience has shown that we’ll usually get a call for wildlife help after the animal has broken in.

With squirrels and raccoons having “teeth of steel” new home owners shouldn’t be surprised if wildlife have chosen their home as a den site especially if no prevention measures have been implemented.

We like to tell our customers it was only a matter of time before some form of wildlife found it’s way in. With drip edge, this isn’t happening.

Set up prevention before the problems start

If this home owner had known before hand that it’s squirrel issue could have been prevented well before hand with drip edge do you think he would have opted in for installing it? Of course! The damage incurred to this Bolton home by squirrels was quite extensive, and compared to the cost of removing the squirrel, combined with the implementation of preventative measures, installing drip edge would have been a much more cost effective measure.

Try telling that to a home owner without a wildlife issue. It’s usually only after the damage has been found, and wildlife sounds are heard in the walls and attic that a home owner decides to take action, remove the animal and get the necessary repairs done to their roof and attic.

If it were up to us, all homes would have drip edge installed along the roof line while they’re being built but because that isn’t the case, we’re always going to calls for squirrel removal, but at least once the job is done, we can virtually guarantee the issue won’t recur again in the future.

Want to learn more about our squirrel removal process and get an idea of how it’s done professionally? Follow the following link and feel free to get in touch with us with any of your questions.

View more here - http://www.allwildlife.ca/squirrel-removal-reports/bolton-squirrel-removal-shows-how-drip-edge-was-badly-needed/

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