Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Squirrel Chewing = Damage

Can squirrel chewing cause a lot of damage to a home?

Can it cause a whole gutter to pull off a house?

Squirrel Removal
If you are not one to underestimate the damage potential of the grey squirrels’ incisors, you know the answer to these questions is a definite “Yes”.

Squirrels left to live in a structure for a prolonged period of time can definitely wreak havoc.  Today’s blog highlights one of these cases.

Read on and watch the included video to find out more.

Squirrels Chewing Rafter Ends

squirrel damage stark county squirrel removalToday’s highlighted squirrel problem is one where squirrels were actually chewing on the ends (tails) of the roof rafters down the side of the house.  They literally created a tunnel of sorts down the side of the building.

The problem with this widespread damage is that the fascia is also attached to the rafter tails and the gutter is attached to the fascia.  With a hole in between two elements that are designed to be flush, an obvious problem exists.  Connections with nails that were secure at one time are no longer secure.

In fact, this is one of the worst case scenarios we’ve ever witnessed attributable to squirrels and not water.  Honestly, squirrel damage in and of itself is not often this bad.

Take a look:

As you can see, these tunneling squirrels caused a lot of repair work.  The gutter was removed.  The fascia was removed.  New rafter tails were cut and installed next to the old ones so that there would be a flush surface for the fascia to attach to.  Then the fascia and gutter needed reinstalled.  Any damaged or loose soffit had to be reinstalled as well.

This was definitely a lot of work.

For us, it makes a point that letting squirrels inhabit the attic too long is an invitation for more troubles.

Squirrel Removal for Akron, Canton, Kent, OH

Over the years, we’ve highlighted more typical squirrel damage in many posts. If you’d like to see more typical squirrel damage, don’t forget to check out our main squirrel removal page and other squirrel removal blogs.

Source here - http://www.frontlineanimalremoval.com/squirrels-chewing-damage/

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