Tuesday, July 26, 2016

During Burlington Pest Control Inspection We Find Bay Windows Are The Problem

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A few days ago we were dispatched to a home in North Burlington for a mouse control job and found what we term a classic mouse entry underneath newly installed bay windows. Why was it a classic? This mouse entry has all the hallmarks and signs that home owners can look out for themselves if they decide to do a home inspection on their own just to make sure before calling in the professionals.

This textbook mouse entry we discovered was in a home that was a part of a new development project just North of Highway 5 (Dundas St.). The homes in this area were built not too long ago so naturally a home owner would be under the impression that their new home is generally safe from wildlife and pest intrusions.

That’s an understandable assumption but the fact is that new and old homes are both quite susceptible to intrusions; albeit older homes are generally more susceptible because if they’re not up-kept, mice and other forms of wildlife can much more easily chew through rotted wood or get through holes that have become bigger over time.

Bay windows usually always have mice entry points

Bay windows are quite popular in Halton Region, and they do look nice, but our experience has shown that their one of the main areas of concern when it comes to pest control and doing inspections.

As I mentioned, we weren’t too surprised at being able to quickly discovery this entry point because it had all the signs of being a mouse hole – they are;

grease marks and streaks from the mice fur around the outside (and inside) of the mouse hole
mouse feces scattered in and around the entry point
an obviously chewed out flashing at the base of the window
irregular dirt and debris which is carried by mice scattered around the mouse hole
You can watch the video below to actually see what we’re talking about:

What’s interesting with this entry, like many others, is that they usually go unnoticed for quite a while. Home owners are usually surprised to see a mouse in their home and when we show them mice holes like this they wonder how they never noticed it.

It not hard to understand why though. Home owners aren’t generally expecting to have pest and wildlife issues and looking for signs isn’t on the top of their list. It’s usually only after hearing thumping in their walls or attic, or actually seeing an animal in their home that they start to wonder how they got in.

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